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Two stylish wooden bar carts on wheels with one closed and one open, revealing shelves with wine glasses, bottles, and other bar essentials. The open cart has extended countertops. It seems there is no content

Custom Commercial Furniture Craftsmanship: Your US-Based Manufacturer

Exterior view of a contemporary bar named "section 771" with a sleek gray and wood facade, under a building with visible TVs inside.

Enhance Every Sense with Custom Commercial Furniture Designs

Humans use five senses to shape our understanding of the world, uniquely. Food & Beverage experiences shape our lives in many ways with our senses on high alert – sound, sight, taste, touch & smell, universally. Our connection to food-related experiences is woven into the fabric of life.

A modern trade show booth featuring a variety of stylish custom commercial furniture including a front-lit round stand and wooden kiosks with elegant designs, displayed on a carpeted floor.

Culinary Art Meets Custom Furniture: Crafting Your Vision

We are creators of tailor-made solutions for Food & Beverage operational challenges. We collaborate at the design and operational level to create exactly what you want for your hotel, club, restaurant or hospitality venue.

Creation gives life purpose.

Tell us your vision, your needs, and your wildest dreams, and together, we’ll embark on a journey to create a product solution custom-built exclusively for you, matching your decor in every delightful detail.

Our Team

Group of employees in black t-shirts with a logo, posing in front of a large American flag in an industrial setting, some are standing while others are seated.

Our Team: The Heart Behind Custom Commercial Furniture at Lion’s Wood

Our products come to life through the skilled hands of American men and women, lovingly crafted in our factories nestled in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. Proudly American-made, our furniture bears a badge of honor that we cherish dearly. It represents our commitment to quality and supporting our local communities.

Four men in matching black and yellow polo shirts stand in front of a large American flag. The first man wears a baseball cap, and all are smiling at the camera, representing their company's services proudly

Lion’s Wood Legacy: Pioneers in Custom Commercial Furniture Since Day One

As a privately held company, we take great pride in standing by our products. Your satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s our promise. With Lion’s Wood, you’re not just getting furniture; you’re becoming a part of our family.

Create Extraordinary Spaces with Our Custom Commercial Furniture

Welcome to Lion’s Wood, where inspiration and craftsmanship blend seamlessly to bring your vision to life.

A stylish bar area with a curved counter, neatly arranged champagne glasses, wine racks, and an elegant, black and white checkered floor.
Two illuminated signs with the word "ganelli" in metal cutouts, backlit by yellow lights, adorn a workshop specializing in custom commercial furniture, surrounded by various materials and machinery.

Our Collaborators

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