Why Choose Custom Hospitality Furniture Over Catalogs?

A napkin with a blue graph sketch and calculations, lying next to a black pen and a cup of coffee on hospitality furniture.
We don’t have one. Here’s why…
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We offer a range of customization options to help you create a unique piece that reflects your brand and style.


Forget everything you know about catalog shopping for furniture solutions, because you get exactly what you want with Lion’s Wood.  


Request our catalog so we can explain we don’t have one. 


Establish inspiration for your project. Browse our portfolio and let us know what interests you. (Its ok if multiple samples inspire you. We can combine elements of existing designs to make something unique or novel.)  


Receive a preliminary proposal. Although your vision may have differences, we have established a ballpark budget.  We will get you to the finish line with simple adjustments.  


Still having difficulty determining what’s right for you? Schedule a consultation with our certified Design team for a Design & Build proposal. 

About Us

Artisan Wood Craftsmanship

All Lion’s Wood products are hand-crafted by hard working American men and women in our Baltimore, Maryland factory. From simple to intricate designs, our full-service wood shop uses the finest materials and manufacturing processes to capture every detail in your finished product.

Intricate Metal Designs

We operate not only as a product fabricator, but also the manufacturer. From bending to welding and powder coating, our in-house metal shop will provide expertise down to the very last detail.


We will work together to identify that harmonious balance with the finish selections that match your property décor, as well as the required functionality to address your operational challenges. We invite you to evoke your culinary artistic abilities to capture all the granular details to get exactly what you want. From color-matching services with wood finishes and powder coat, your products will be personalized for your space.

Design and Build

Since we control all aspects of your project in our Baltimore, Maryland facility, engage with us on the design level to get exactly what you want. Connect with our experienced ASID certified design team and let our team make your vision a reality with a tailored solution to meet your operational challenges.

Discover Our Range of Hospitality and Banquet Furniture Collections

As passionate pioneers in our industry, we continue to push the threshold on what’s possible with manufacturing. We have now arrived at the intersection of where technology meets banquet furniture. Come along for the ride and be inspired.

Design Your Banquet Furniture: Collaborate with Our Experts

Each piece we create is unique. Find your inspiration and work with our designers to bring your ideas to life!

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