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About Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture

Lion’s Wood is an innovator of banquet and food service furniture. As world leaders in induction technology, we hold patents for both solid surface induction cooking and warming. We specialize in the development of tailored banquet furniture for brands, groups, and properties. Tell us your operational challenges, and together we will create a product solution custom built exclusively for you that matches your décor.

Our products are made-to-order by the hands of American men and women out of our factories in Baltimore, Maryland. To us, being American-made is a badge of honor that we hold dearly. We are privately held, and we stand by our products.

To our customers, we are a partner. Call 866-822-5374 or email info@lwbanquetfurniture.com, ask to speak to any member of our team and give us a few moments of your time to explain why.

-Gregory Bandelin

President and CEO

Our Vision

As a food service professional, you have a vision. You are driven by the possibilities you imagine in creating events, large and small, for your guests. It is our job to help you realize that vision and make your successes appear effortless. We offer banquet furniture in a range of styles, finishes, and options, with accessories that will appeal to your creativity and facilitate your banquet operations, as well as complement your décor. Our furniture is designed to be a part of the food presentation itself, not to be hidden by linens and skirting. This is not a purely aesthetic distinction; it saves thousands of dollars in linen and labor costs annually for our customers.

By choosing Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture, you will provide a positive experience for your guests and your staff for years to come. You can count on us to always deliver the best quality products for your use. Our criteria for every piece of hospitality furniture and equipment: mobility, flexibility, durability, and value, all delivered in a great looking package that works as an integral part of your property’s design aesthetic.

Our History

As a fourth-generation, family-owned business founded in 1913, we have a commitment to carry on a family tradition of delivering nothing but the best to our clients…and we have the experience to know what that takes. Many of the companies we work with are also family-owned small businesses. Our products are manufactured in U.S. factories in Baltimore, Maryland. To provide our customers with only the best, the suppliers we choose to work with all have proven track records of providing the highest quality goods and are as dedicated as we are to full customer satisfaction.

Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture – enhancing the Food and Beverage experience with quality presentation furnishings for our hotel, club, casino, and resort customers.


We are so honored to be featured in Forbes Magazine! Take a quick read and see how Lion’s Wood came to be and how Gregory Bandelin has led the company to adapt and grow in this developing, fast-paced industry.


Countertops & Vanities

Many people know us for our exquisite custom banquet furniture, energy efficient hidden induction cookers and warmers, and now our Personal Protection Equipment; but we also have a whole section of our shop set up for custom counter tops and vanities! If you are looking for something hand crafted, made locally, and specific to your needs, we have a team of skilled craftsmen that can create exactly what you need. When buying something cookie cutter off the shelf just won’t do, contact us and let us design and measure something that will perfectly fit your bathroom, kitchen or business. Countertops & Vanities has been servicing the Baltimore area for over 40 years with affordable and dependable options that can satisfy your vision.

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